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Total Quality Program

Project Coordination

Project coordination is the key to conducting any project in an efficient and timely manner. For each project, experienced personnel with specific areas of expertise are chosen to conduct specific tasks or to manage and coordinate several activities. Only certified and licensed sub- contractors who are trained, experienced, and familiar with the methods required to complete a task are chosen for our projects. By selecting experienced and efficient personnel, the project can be run smoothly, safely, and efficiently with the high standards expected by FREY.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our employees and the general public is a priority at FREY. The Health and Safety Plan is an integral part of conducting any project, and is based on our understanding of the potentially hazardous materials as well as physical hazards that may be present at the work site. Effective planning minimizes the likelihood of exposure to potentially hazardous materials and to reduce unsafe conditions which may occur during field work.

Quality Assurance/ Quality Control

To assess characteristics of a site the data must be representative of site conditions. To achieve this goal specific quality assurance and quality control procedures are followed during each phase of data collection, storage, transportation, and analysis. In addition, methods for establishing precision and accuracy of laboratory data are used to ensure the quality of collected data.

Environmental Remediation Services

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