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Phase I – Environmental Site Assessment

Los Angeles County Department of Public Work

FREY has conducted over 24 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LACDPW) in recent years. The ESAs were conducted to assess parcels of land in the public right-of-way where the LACDPW planned to install infrastructure; storm drains, sewer lines, etc. The ESAs were conducted to fulfill the All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) guidelines approved and required by the EPA. In general, the LACDPW requested that the ESAs be delivered within 30 days of receipt of approval to proceed. FREY was successful at meeting LACDPW goals and timelines.

City of Fullerton Redevelopment Agency

FREY was selected by the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency to conduct a series of ESAs and soil investigations on city owned land prior to redevelopment. The land in question consisted of numerous properties which bound a former railroad easement scheduled for conversion to a green belt. FREY discovered numerous recognized environmental conditions and advised the City with respect to future liability. FREY discovered a former manufactured gas plant from a Sanborn Map dated 1909. Subsequent investigation revealed elevated concentrations of polyaromatic hydrocarbons which were required to be excavated and transported off-site for disposal by the purchaser of the former manufactured gas plant. The former railroad easement has been successfully converted into a green belt and parkland, and has served to revitalize local businesses.

Environmental Remediation Services

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