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Solid Waste Management

LA River Project

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works, Flood Maintenance Division retained the services of FREY to redesign, install, operate, and maintain a trash/debris collection system installed at the mouth of the Los Angeles River. The trash/debris collection system (System), which includes 14 26-inch diameter interconnected beams and an associated innovative anchoring system, is designed to collect trash/debris that is flushed from storm drain systems into the river during storm events. Since taking over the project in April of 2003, FREY has redesigned the System to allow for more effective deflection and collection of trash/debris. Over 1,500 tons of trash/debris is currently harvested annually from the System by FREY.

Landfill Gas Recovery

FREY has designed, installed, replaced, expanded, and operated LFG systems for the County of Orange, the City of Oceanside, the City of Los Angeles, and Allied Waste Systems. One specific example is the City of Los Angeles contracted FREY to assist the city with the expansion of the landfill gas (LFG) control/recovery system at the Lopez Canyon and Toyon Landfills. LFG system expansion was necessary to control surfaces emissions of LFG (in particular methane) to levels below those stipulated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), and to provide additional quality gas for energy generation at their on-site recovery facilities. FREY handled all aspects of the project from design to implementation.

Environmental Remediation Services

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