Soil and Groundwater Remediation


FREY has extensive experience in designing, installing and operating soil and/or groundwater remediation systems using vapor extraction, high vacuum dual- phase extraction, groundwater pump-and-treat, air sparging, ozone sparging, and bioventing technologies. We have designed, installed and operated remediation systems at a variety of sites including service stations, truck stops, dry cleaners, and various industrial facilities. In nearly all situations, the remediation activities are conducted concurrently with, and do not affect, normal business operations.


As part of the remediation design process, FREY evaluates previous subsurface investigation activities, and designs appropriate remediation feasibility tests to assess the effectiveness of various appropriate remedial technologies. Based on the feasibility testing, the most cost-effective remedial method(s) is selected, and a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is then submitted to the regulatory agency for approval. FREY understands that the remediation feasibility testing phase of a project is critical to producing a timely and effective remediation to achieve regulatory case closure. As such, FREY makes a strong effort to design and implement appropriate feasibility testing that considers all Site-specific elements of the project, including geology/hydrogeology, potential preferential subsurface conduits, seasonal groundwater fluctuations, etc., that may adversely affect future remediation efforts.

Operation and Maintenance

Just as important as designing and conducting appropriate remediation feasibility testing, is efficiently operating and maintaining the remediation system once installed. FREY project managers and remediation technicians are in constant communication on a given project in order to ensure that the systems are properly operated and maintained, and also to continually modify the system setup to maximize system efficiency. FREY understands that significant cost-savings are realized by maximizing system up-time and efficiency since the overall clean-up time can be significantly reduced.


FREY has obtained numerous regulatory case closures on remediation projects by diligently adhering to our approach of intelligently designing, installing, operating and maintaining our remediation systems. References can be provided upon request.

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