FREY Environmental, Inc. (FREY) has operated in the state of California for over 30 years with offices both in northern and southern California. FREY has a team of 30 full time employees including state of California professionally certified, engineers, geologists, and engineering geologists.

FREY has experience working with both single property owners and fortune 500 companies such as Exxon Mobil and Disney.

We are here to provide efficient and productive environmental solutions to our clients at all scales.


FREY Clients:


Exxon Mobil

FREY Environmental, Inc. (FREY) has conducted environmental assessment and remediation for over 500 Exxon Mobil Stations.


United Oil

FREY Environmental, Inc. (FREY) has obtained nearly 100 case closure notifications for United Oil gas stations throughout California.

Ryder Truck Rental

FREY continues to offer environmental consulting services to Ryder Truck Rental and has been a trusted contractor for over a decade.


FREY has offered environmental assessment services to Disney to help them confirm that their Anaheim amusement park location is safe for their visitors

Professional Environmental Consulting